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Welcome to the special edition of Shenzhen Haofeng Zipper Technology Co., Ltd! Here we focus on Flame Retardant Zippers.

HTZ Zipper has taken the zipper technology innovation as its responsibility since the foundation. We contribute ourselves to zipper production with the craftsman spirit. Exciting achievements have been made by far.

We are a top manufacturer of Flame Retardant Zipper (FR zipper) in China. Both metal and vislon flame retardant zippers are available. The zipper tape is made of meta aramid fiber, e.g. Dupont Nomex®. The plastic fire retardant teeth are made of Dupont fire retardant vislon. Testified by standards such as NFPA 2112, NFPA 1971, EN ISO 11612, EN 469, our flame retardant zippers apply to firefighter uniform, flying suit, military uniform, arc flash suit, and flame resistant clothing in petroleum industry, welding industry, etc.

Other special zippers we produce include adhesive zipper, and waterproof zipper.

Our production scatters in two southern China cities, Dongguan and Shenzhen.

We believe that professionalism achieves quality and quality will build up the brand.

With this belief in mind, we're honored to present our customers from all over the world quality zipper with fast delivery and reasonable cost.

UL Certified Manufacturer of Flame Retardant Zipper 


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